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TECAFIL PEI 1000 black 1,75 mm - 500g

TECAFIL PEI 1000 black 1,75 mm - 500g

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PEI Ultem 1000 filament

TECAFIL PEI 1000 black is an unfilled PEI (Polyetherimide) filament that is based on Sabic UltemTM resin. In order to offer all common variants of Ultem 3D printing filament in the market we manufacture in addition to Ultem 9085 natural this black coloured PEI filament 1.75 mm based on Ultem 1000 series: TECAFIL PEI 1000 black. It is an unfilled PEI filament and can be considered as equivalent to Ultem 1010 filament.

Why use PEI filament 1000 series?
In regards of mechanical properties, flame retardance and smoke emission both Ultem filaments (Ultem 1000 and Ultem 9085 filament) are quite similar. Compared to PEI Ultem 9085, PEI filament in 1000 series has a few advantages.
In terms of heat deflection temperature Ultem 3D printer filament 1000 series shows a significant higher resistance than Ultem 9085. Although both materials are chemically resistant, Ultem 1000 series is able to resist a broader range of chemicals.
For applications that require low thermal expansion, filament Ultem 1000 series is better suited than 9085 series. Also if higher stiffness is needed PEI 1000 would be the better choice - and the other way round if more toughness is required. In Order to obtain a optimised tensile strength in XZ direction for PEI 3D printing filaments we would rather recommend to use PEI 1000 series.

So PEI filament offers significant advantages for printed parts as well as a good printing behaviour. It is a good choice for demanding environments when PEI 9085 has reached its limit of performance. 3D printing PEI filament could be an alternative to PEEK or PEKK filaments if costs savings are required. This is why you will find PEI material in industries like aerospace, automotive and transportation.

What is to be taken into account for PEI 3D printing filament is that higher nozzle temperatures between 370 to 410°C are required.

UltemTM is a registered trademark of the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC).

Product data

Technical datasheet Download
Safety datasheet Download
Chemical designation
PEI (Polyetherimide)
Net weight
Filament diameter 1,75 mm
Filament diameter tolerance ±0,05 mm
Spool material Polycarbonate
Spool diameter 200 mm
Spool take up 52 mm
Spool width 55 mm
Packaging aluminium bag


Processing parameters*

Drying temperature/time 120°C/8h
Glastransition temperature 216°C
Max. melt temperature 450°C
Nozzle temperature 370-390°C
Print bed temperature 140-160°C
Chamber temperature 170-190°C
*Processing paramters are indicative and not guaranteed.