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TECAFIL PA12 natural 1,75 mm - 500g

TECAFIL PA12 natural 1,75 mm - 500g

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PA12 filament

In addition to our PA6 filament, our portfolio for nylon filaments includes PA12 filament. Our TECAFIL PA12 natural is an unfilled polyamide 3D printing filament. This nylon PA12 filament is a semi crystalline material characterised by high chemical resistance and high toughness. Compared to other PA filaments based on polyamide 6 our nylon 12 filament has the lowest water absorption. PA12 3D printing enables a large range of application for stability over time in moist environments. Furthermore nylon PA12 3D printing offers good impact resistance, wear resistance and good slide friction for your printed functional prototypes or series produced applications.
Our nylon 3D printer filaments made of PA6 and PA12 enable the printing of engineering plastics and thus the fabrication of parts that can withstand demanding applications. The melting point of approx. 180°C enables the easy and uncomplicated use of PA12 filament on desktop printers.
Combining toughness and flexibility, PA12 based nylon 3d printer filament is perfectly suited for applications in industries like mechanical engineering, aerospace, electronics or automotive.
This 3D printing material is a food grade filament declaring conformity to regulations (EC) No 1935/2004, (EU) No 10/2011 and (EC) No 2023/2006 including a FDA statement of conformity on raw materials. Therefore PA12 is also highly appropriate for applications in food industry.

Product data

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Chemical designation
PA 12 (Polyamide 12)
Net weight
Filament diameter 1,75 mm
Filament diameter tolerance ±0,05 mm
Spool material Polycarbonate
Spool diameter 200 mm
Spool take up 52 mm
Spool width 55 mm
Packaging aluminium bag


Processing parameters*

Drying temperature/time 80°C/12h
Melting temperature 178°C
Max. melt temperature 300°C
Nozzle temperature 245-270°C
Print bed temperature 90-110°C
Chamber temperature 80-120°C
*Processing paramters are indicative and not guaranteed.