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TECAFIL PA6 GF30 black 1,75 mm - 750g

TECAFIL PA6 GF30 black 1,75 mm - 750g

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PA6 GF30 filament

In addition to TECAFIL PA6 GF30 black 2,85 mm filament we offer a nylon filament 1,75 mm. All material characteristics refer to our PA filament 2,85 mm diameter.

This nylon filament is perfectly suited for all kinds of industry 3D printer - also with lower building chamber temperatures below 80°C - or desktop printer that process 1,75 mm filaments.

Product data

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Chemical designation
PA 6 (Polyamide 6)
glass fibres
Net weight
Filament diameter 1,75 mm
Filament diameter tolerance ±0,05 mm
Spool material Polycarbonate
Spool diameter 200 mm
Spool take up 52 mm
Spool width 55 mm
Packaging aluminium bag


Processing parameters*

Drying temperature/time 80°C/8h
Melting temperature 220°C
Max. melt temperature 300°C
Nozzle temperature 255-270°C
Print bed temperature 70-80°C
Chamber temperature not required / 80-100°C
*Processing paramters are indicative and not guaranteed.